Friday, 11 April 2014

Homework and Preparation for Term 2 Week 4

Reading task
Refer to the Directed Reading Package (DRP) on the Environment found here. This is an example of how you can do your own research and gather information on a topic you are passionate about. Having the necessary content knowledge is important for expository writing.

For your reading task this week, scan through the DRP and select an issue raised in the DRP which you feel strongly about. Describe the issue briefly (in no more than 1 paragraph) and explain why you feel so passionately about this issue.

Preparation for lessons
Before the first lesson of the week, do a brief question analysis and come up with at least 4 points for each of the following questions:
1) How far is technology the solution to environmental problems?
2) Women will never enjoy the same rights as men. Do you agree?
3) Given the limited land available in Singapore, is it wise to set aside some areas as nature reserves? (Cam 2006)
4) ‘Modern technology gives us hope for the future.’ What are your views? (Gan Eng Seng School Prelim 2013)

Feedback for Reading Task on beauty (Term 2 Week 1)
Here are some possible points you could discuss:
1) People go to great lengths and huge cost to make themselves better looking (P1 Para 1).
2) Some of the methods / products used to improve one's appearance are unproven (P1 Para 1).
3) The search for beauty is frivolous and leads to a shallower society (P1 Para 3).
4) The beauty business deceives people into spending money uselessly or harmfully (P1 Para 3).
5) Until their bodies stop growing, teenagers should not be allowed to change them in permanent ways that may turn out to be harmful (P1 Para 4).
6) Big beauty companies play on people's hopes and fears (P1 Para 5).
7) Techniques and technologies of plastic surgery are more widely available than ever before (P2 Para 2). 
8) All this tinkering with facial and body types may be changing the way our brains perceive beauty (P2 Para 3).
9) Illegitimate practitioners turn out as many beasts as beauties (P2 Para 4).
10) Beauty industry turn out many same-looking standardised young people, depriving people of their individual characteristics (P2 Para 4). 

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