Saturday, 27 September 2014

Preparation for Term 4 Week 3

Please choose one of the following branches as a group and complete the mindmap found here. First-come-first-served. Comment to this post to choose.

1) Characteristics
2) Challenges / Problems / Disadvantages
3) Impact
4) Opportunities / Advantages
5) Solutions / Recommendations
6) Wildcard option (you can contribute to any of the above categories or make your own)

For the required standard, please refer to the mindmap on Science and Technology we did in Term 3. The mindmap needs to be complete before lessons this week. The focus of the lesson will be on application of the mindmap to various essay questions which I will bring to class. If you do not complete the mindmap, there will be no lesson.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Term 4 Week 2 Preparation

1. Complete the ACS (Barker) 2014 MYCT Paper 2 distributed on Friday. We will use this for lessons in Term 4 Week 2. 

2. Please find the details for your last written assignment here. The deadline is 27 Sep 1200h. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Preparation for Term 3 Week 9

Please prepare the following in the given order for the week's lesson.
1) Read through the question paper for Situational Writing for your Prelim Paper found here.

2) Read through Text C for your Prelim Paper found here. We will be doing the feedback for Summary in class. The feedback for Section A and all the short questions for Section B and C will be done during the review lecture in Term 3 Week 10.

Your question papers will be returned to you on Tuesday.

Homework deadline
Please redo your Project Beta and submit your essays to your EL Rep on Friday.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Preparation for Term 3 Week 6

Please continue to bring your LDs / recording devices / devices which can connect to the Internet as we will be continuing with our preparation for the GCE O-level Oral Examination.

In addition, please do the following:
1) Read the essays found here and think of the following:
(a) What are some strengths of the essay?
(b) What are some weaknesses of the essay?
I will not be printing the essays for lesson. We will use the softcopy for discussion. So please ensure you have something to refer to during lessons.

2) Students with Project Ace essays scoring 22 marks or more, could you please upload your essays here for sharing? If we share the better essays, we can all learn from each other. Kindly name your files as follows before uploading:
Title of essay_Your Name_Your class.docx or .pages.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Answers to types of support exercise

Please click here for the answers to the exercise on types of support.

For those of you who still haven't viewed the slides on types of support, the slides can be found here.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Preparation for Term 3 Week 4

Lessons next week will run in the following order

Logic and Fallacies
1. Analyse all the sample paragraphs on the handout distributed in class and identify the fallacies in each sample.
2. Do a self-study for "Types of Support" using the slides found here. Complete the practice mentioned in the slides. The article has been given to you in class.

Feedback for Planning Test
Do a detailed essay plan for each of the 4 questions in the recent planning test done in class. The paper we used was Crescent Girls' School MYCT 2014.

Feedback for Project Beta
Bring your LDs for this lesson. You will need it in class. 
Do a detailed essay plan for the following questions:
1) Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions to be made in life. What factors will
affect your choice? (Cam 2005)
2) Write about some of the things in your country you value most and would miss greatly, if you had to live in another country. (Cam 2007)

Collaborative Content Lesson
Bring your LDs for this lesson. You will need it in class. 
This week, we will be working on the topic "Science and Technology". The intent of this lesson is to collaboratively build up content which will help you in writing your essays for the O-level examination. Each group is to choose one of the areas in the list below to work on. Choose by commenting on this post. First-come-first-served. No two groups may work on the same area. Each student in the group is to independently do the following and bring your preparation to class:
(a) Come up with at least 3 items for the area chosen by your group.
(b) Think of examples for the 3 items you came up with. If you have hyperlinks for your examples, save it on your LD.

List of areas to explore for Science and Technology 
1) Characteristics
2) Applications / Areas of use
3) Impacts
4) Problems caused
5) Solution for
6) Ethical issues

Friday, 11 July 2014

Preparation for Term 3 Week 3

Introduction to Fallacies 
Read the handout on fallacies I gave you in class today. You can also watch the video (which covers the first part of the handout) found here. Complete the required reading before the second lesson of the week.

Comprehension skills lessonWe will continue with the comprehension skills revision using the handout I gave you as holiday homework. We will use one lessons for this.

Essay skills revision (Reflective Writing)
For the first lesson of the week, please come prepared with a detailed essay plan for the following question. We will discuss this in class:

Write about some of your worries and hopes for the future. (Cam 2009)

Essay Planning Test
In addition, there will be an essay planning test during the first lesson of the week. You will be given an actual test / exam paper from another school and be required to write as detailed an essay plan you can possibly manage in 10 min. You plan must include the following:

1) Brief question analysis using some of the tools you have learnt earlier in the year found here.
2) Stand (if applicable) in the exact phrasing as you would have written it in an essay.
3) At least 3 points (not inclusive of the balance point) in the exact phrasing as you would have written it in an essay.
4) Examples you plan to use in point form.

Your plan should look like a much reduced version of the sample plans I made reference to for your holiday homework found here.

You will be graded for this test using the essay grade descriptors found here. I will make an estimate of the Band you are likely to be getting given your plan, assuming you would translate it accordingly into writing.