Sunday, 30 March 2014

Class work on 31 Mar (Mon)

Please do the following during class time.  I will come online to check your work and give you feedback live during your lesson time.

First priority:
Look at the Self-Study guide on essay planning given as your March holiday homework. Choose a point to work on as a group. For your chosen point, write a content paragraph as a group. You may incorporate the examples given in the guide (if they are not outdated), or include your own examples. You might need to research the details of the examples given if you are not familiar with them.

Write your group paragraph on Google Doc on the class folder under
English Class Materials > Writing > S4-09 Paragraph Development > Can we tackle global warming successfully?
You can reach the folder directly here.

Second priority:
Complete the Introduction and Conclusion writing exercise we did not manage to finish the previous time.
English Class Materials > Writing > S4-09 Paragraph Development > Introduction and Conclusion

Friday, 28 March 2014

Homework and Preparation for Term 2 week 2

For the reading programme this week, please read the two sets of readings given out during assembly and answer the application question as well as all the comprehension questions.

Some of you have also not submitted your EL files for checking. Please bring them during the first lesson of the week.

We have not completed the feedback for your Mar holiday homework Unpacking the text compre exercise. Please bring it for lesson.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Term 2 Groups

Please sit in your new groups for Term 2 from the first lesson onwards. Click here for your group list.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

March Holiday Homework

All holiday homework will be checked (except the optional item) and those who do not do the work will be dealt with. 

Reading Programme
Deadline - 20 Mar (Thu), submit response on Facebook
I have shared the following two documents on the SST 2014 Sec 4 group on Facebook.
1) Identity
2) Courage

Read the passage in each document and respond to the application question given. You are only required to write one paragraph in response to each file. You are to write your response as a comment to my post. In your response, you must refer to one idea from the text as well as one idea from one person (need not be from your class) who posted before you (Exception: The first person who comments will not need to refer to another person's idea)

File Check
Deadline - 1st lesson of Term 2 Week 1
Bring your EL file for the 1st lesson of Term 2 Week 1 for file check. Organise your file based on the instructions found on the Admin Guide (Use the link at the sidebar on your right or click here). Look under the section "Blue Ring File.

Comprehension skills revision
For those of you who often have difficulties understanding comprehension texts and overall meaning, please work through this exercise on Unpacking the Text at the Global level. It comes complete with a video explanation. The skill taught is for an exposition text, but you can come up with your own tool after you have gone through it.

Compulsory (Deadline - 3rd lesson of Term 2 Week 1):
Either print or work on your LDs (you will have to bring your LDs to class if you work on your LDs) the document found here on Unpacking the text for details. We need this for the 3rd lesson of Term 2 Week 1.

Essay skills revision
Deadline - 1st lesson of Term 2 Week 1
Take a look at the sample essay plan found here. Using exactly the same format, complete with all the sections, do essay plans for the following questions.
1) Some people say that the Internet does more harm than good. What is your view? (Cam 2010)
2) “Singapore has turned into an intolerant nation.” Do you agree? (St Theresa’s Convent Prelim 2013)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Homework Due in Term 1 Week 10

There is no reading task this weekend. Instead, please do the following:

1. Crescent Girls' School 2013 Prelim Paper 2. Deadline: 10 Mar Monday

2. Project Ace (Click here for instructions). Deadline: 14 Mar Friday 12 noon

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Feedback for CHIJ Paper 2 Q21 to 23

Q21(ii) The phrase "or so we insist" is a comment tagged on at the end of the statement. This comment has the effect of casting doubt on what was previously mentioned. And the author, in doing so, is actually making a point that he does not agree with the statement / thinks the perception is flawed.

Q22(i) This is a 2m question. For the first mark, you are expected to talk about the availability of more tools for communication. For the second mark, you are expected to comment on the effectiveness / efficiency of such tools.

Q22(ii) A commonly written wrong answer is the word "interaction". When you interact with someone, it does not mean there is real engagement or connection. The reference to the previous generation in the text clearly shows that by communication, the author means engagement or connection, not just mere transaction or interaction.

Q23 The phrase "the preoccupied" is tagged on to convey a point of view, a position. It is not merely to describe how busy or how engaged in their gadgets people of this age are. So in your answer, you should convey the writer's judgement too. For example, don't just say that people of this age are busy, which can be a neutral description. It would be better to say that they are too busy.

Homework and Preparation for Term 1 Week 9

Reading Programme
Deadline: 3 Mar (Mon)
The files you have submitted this week will be returned on 3 Mar (Mon). Please take 5 min to get ready this week’s reading tasks for submission by the end of the day.  You are to read the article given out in class on Meritocracy for this week's reading task and complete the question at the end. 
A  student's response for last week's reading task has been posted on the cohort Facebook page for your review. If you are not sure how the reading task should be done, please read the response.

Writing Introduction and Conclusion

After we compete the feedback for the CHIJ Comprehension Paper, we will be working on writing Introduction and Conclusion. You will need to bring your LDs to school for these writing lessons. Please analyse the samples in the handout given to you a few days ago before coming for lessons. In addition, please familiarise yourselves with the materials you worked on for the following essay questions:
1) Should the media be completely free?
2) Discuss the problems and benefits of hosting major sporting events.
3) Parents often believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. Do you consider young people to be too protected?
4) 'The way we dress reveals who we are'. What are your views?

Lessons on Speaking

After our lessons on writing Introduction and Conclusion, we shall move into lessons on speaking. As a group, you are to choose the following which we will work on in class:
(a) 1 speech found here (no 2 groups may choose the same speech)
(b) 1 photo from here (no more than 2 groups may choose the same photo. NOTE: This instruction is different from the one above!!)

Make your choices as a group and put it as a comment to this post. First-come-first-served.

For the speech, each student is to consider the Purpose, Audience, Culture and Context for the speech and write down the expected features of such a speech which will aid you in delivering the speech.
For the photo, each student is to come up with possible discussion questions which might be asked for the discussion section of an oral examination.