Friday, 18 July 2014

Preparation for Term 3 Week 4

Lessons next week will run in the following order

Logic and Fallacies
1. Analyse all the sample paragraphs on the handout distributed in class and identify the fallacies in each sample.
2. Do a self-study for "Types of Support" using the slides found here. Complete the practice mentioned in the slides. The article has been given to you in class.

Feedback for Planning Test
Do a detailed essay plan for each of the 4 questions in the recent planning test done in class. The paper we used was Crescent Girls' School MYCT 2014.

Feedback for Project Beta
Bring your LDs for this lesson. You will need it in class. 
Do a detailed essay plan for the following questions:
1) Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions to be made in life. What factors will
affect your choice? (Cam 2005)
2) Write about some of the things in your country you value most and would miss greatly, if you had to live in another country. (Cam 2007)

Collaborative Content Lesson
Bring your LDs for this lesson. You will need it in class. 
This week, we will be working on the topic "Science and Technology". The intent of this lesson is to collaboratively build up content which will help you in writing your essays for the O-level examination. Each group is to choose one of the areas in the list below to work on. Choose by commenting on this post. First-come-first-served. No two groups may work on the same area. Each student in the group is to independently do the following and bring your preparation to class:
(a) Come up with at least 3 items for the area chosen by your group.
(b) Think of examples for the 3 items you came up with. If you have hyperlinks for your examples, save it on your LD.

List of areas to explore for Science and Technology 
1) Characteristics
2) Applications / Areas of use
3) Impacts
4) Problems caused
5) Solution for
6) Ethical issues



  2. Group 6 takes Problems caused

  3. Group 4 - Applications / Areas of use

  4. Slides for Types of support

  5. Guided handout for types of support