Thursday, 31 July 2014

Preparation for Term 3 Week 6

Please continue to bring your LDs / recording devices / devices which can connect to the Internet as we will be continuing with our preparation for the GCE O-level Oral Examination.

In addition, please do the following:
1) Read the essays found here and think of the following:
(a) What are some strengths of the essay?
(b) What are some weaknesses of the essay?
I will not be printing the essays for lesson. We will use the softcopy for discussion. So please ensure you have something to refer to during lessons.

2) Students with Project Ace essays scoring 22 marks or more, could you please upload your essays here for sharing? If we share the better essays, we can all learn from each other. Kindly name your files as follows before uploading:
Title of essay_Your Name_Your class.docx or .pages.

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