Sunday, 30 March 2014

Class work on 31 Mar (Mon)

Please do the following during class time.  I will come online to check your work and give you feedback live during your lesson time.

First priority:
Look at the Self-Study guide on essay planning given as your March holiday homework. Choose a point to work on as a group. For your chosen point, write a content paragraph as a group. You may incorporate the examples given in the guide (if they are not outdated), or include your own examples. You might need to research the details of the examples given if you are not familiar with them.

Write your group paragraph on Google Doc on the class folder under
English Class Materials > Writing > S4-09 Paragraph Development > Can we tackle global warming successfully?
You can reach the folder directly here.

Second priority:
Complete the Introduction and Conclusion writing exercise we did not manage to finish the previous time.
English Class Materials > Writing > S4-09 Paragraph Development > Introduction and Conclusion

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