Sunday, 16 March 2014

March Holiday Homework

All holiday homework will be checked (except the optional item) and those who do not do the work will be dealt with. 

Reading Programme
Deadline - 20 Mar (Thu), submit response on Facebook
I have shared the following two documents on the SST 2014 Sec 4 group on Facebook.
1) Identity
2) Courage

Read the passage in each document and respond to the application question given. You are only required to write one paragraph in response to each file. You are to write your response as a comment to my post. In your response, you must refer to one idea from the text as well as one idea from one person (need not be from your class) who posted before you (Exception: The first person who comments will not need to refer to another person's idea)

File Check
Deadline - 1st lesson of Term 2 Week 1
Bring your EL file for the 1st lesson of Term 2 Week 1 for file check. Organise your file based on the instructions found on the Admin Guide (Use the link at the sidebar on your right or click here). Look under the section "Blue Ring File.

Comprehension skills revision
For those of you who often have difficulties understanding comprehension texts and overall meaning, please work through this exercise on Unpacking the Text at the Global level. It comes complete with a video explanation. The skill taught is for an exposition text, but you can come up with your own tool after you have gone through it.

Compulsory (Deadline - 3rd lesson of Term 2 Week 1):
Either print or work on your LDs (you will have to bring your LDs to class if you work on your LDs) the document found here on Unpacking the text for details. We need this for the 3rd lesson of Term 2 Week 1.

Essay skills revision
Deadline - 1st lesson of Term 2 Week 1
Take a look at the sample essay plan found here. Using exactly the same format, complete with all the sections, do essay plans for the following questions.
1) Some people say that the Internet does more harm than good. What is your view? (Cam 2010)
2) “Singapore has turned into an intolerant nation.” Do you agree? (St Theresa’s Convent Prelim 2013)

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