Tuesday, 21 January 2014

17th January 2014 Lesson Summary

Topic/ Lesson Focus

- Find key topic sentences of every few paragraphs.

Key Learning Points

- Many examples are used to support the topic sentences.
- In order for a paragraph to be effective, the topic sentence has to supported by evidences and examples.

Content Learnt 

In order to find/draft topic sentences of a group of paragraphs, look out for the following:
- The front or the back of each paragraph.
- Re-phrase key sentences.
- Recommendations.

Vocabulary/Grammar Rules

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  1. Hi Desiree,

    What you parked under "Content" should actually be a key learning point. What do you mean by "rephrase key sentences" and "recommendations"? There is a very important lesson here about finding the main points made by the author.

    Under "Content", we learnt something about failed states, rogue states, emerging economies, etc? Do you remember them?