Tuesday, 28 January 2014

28th January 2014 Lesson Summary

Topic/ Lesson Focus

- Going through the GESS compre paper

Key Learning Points

-Learning the techniques of answering compre questions.
-Learning the skills of writing summary.

Content Learnt 

-Answer the question given.
Since there's no language component in the compre paper marking scheme, it requires higher precision of your answer. When you answer, go straight to the point at the first sentence.

-Give specific answers.
-Word choice.
-20-30min for summary writing.
A plan is needed before we write the summary. Label the points find in the text and create a table for paraphrasing. We may combine some points when needed.

*in Q15(ii), the "rarest works" refers to the exotic wildlife that is difficult to find. They are uncommon but may not be facing extinction. Do not include our inference/assumption in the answer. Only state what is given in the text.

*The word choice of loophole instead of exception is significant. The word loophole shows the tone is skeptical and sarcastic but exception cannot.

*Ways to paraphrase:
1.Find super ordinate terms
3.Removing examples
4.5. are other ways that will be covered later in class.

*No need to paraphrase the topic word (such as wildlife) and technical terms (such as breeding facilities)

Vocabulary/Grammar Rules

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  1. Nice summary! Only one thing to correct. There is a language component in the Summary Question. If you do not write well or paraphrase well, you will lose language marks!