Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Homework and Preparation for Term 1 Week 5

Comprehension Practice
Deadline: 5 Feb (Wed)
The CHIJ Prelim 2013 Paper 2 has been distributed to the class on 29 Jan (Wed). You are required to complete the paper and submit it for marking on 5 Feb (Wed). Complete the paper as a timed practice on your own without any external aid such as dictionaries. 

The answers to Section A of the Gan Eng Seng Secondary School Prelim Paper 2 can be found here. Please check your own work before attempting the CHIJ Prelim paper. 

Corrections and Reflection for Diagnostic Test
Deadline: 4 Feb (Tue)
Read the feedback for your diagnostic test here. Complete the Metacognition Reflection Sheet with the help of the Metacognition Guide for Essays. Both documents have been distributed when your essays were returned.  You will also need to refer to the documents listed in the sidebar of this blog under “Assessment Rubrics”.

In addition to your metacognitive reflection, you are required to do corrections for your language errors. You are encouraged to correct all your errors but you are required to choose 5 of them to be presented to me to be marked. These 5 errors should be the ones that you may not be so sure about, rather than the easy ones. Please follow the format found here to present your corrections.

Submit your essay reflection and corrections stapled together in the following order:
1) metacognition reflection sheet
2) correction of language errors
3) original essay

Students who have been asked to redo your essays, you can skip item 2.

Reading Programme
Deadline: 4 Feb (Tue)
The files you have submitted this week will be returned on 4 Feb (Tue) during assembly. Please use your recess to get ready this week’s reading tasks for submission by the end of the day.  You are to do the following Reading Tasks this week:
(a) Read the article titled “How to eat ice cream” and answer question 3.
(b) Read the essay by Benjamin Lo found here and answer the application question.

Question Analysis skills
Prepare for lesson on 4 Feb (Tue)
Study the slides on Question Analysis found here. Work on the question stated in Practice 2 in the slides with the following instructions (ignore the instructions printed in the slides). 
(a) Using any of the tool(s) you have just learnt, write down as many ideas you can think of.
(b) Based on the ideas generated, write down 3 points that will address the question. These points should be written in the exact phrasing as they would be if you wrote them in your essay.

This preparation should be done individually and brought to class on 4 Feb (Tue). 

Language Skills Handout
Bring the Language Skills handout I gave you 2 weeks ago (the one with the Word Choice exercise). We will be using it in class.

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