Friday, 4 July 2014

Preparation for Term 3 Week 2

Comprehension skills lesson
We will continue with the comprehension skills revision using the handout I gave you as holiday homework. We will use two lessons for this.

Essay skills revision (Reflective Writing)
For the third lesson, please come prepared with a detailed essay plan for the following question. We will discuss this in class:

Write about some of your worries and hopes for the future. (Cam 2009)

Essay Planning Test
In addition, there will be an essay planning test some time this week. You will be given an actual test / exam paper from another school and be required to write as detailed an essay plan you can possibly manage in 10 min. You plan must include the following:
1) Brief question analysis using some of the tools you have learnt earlier in the year found here.  
2) Stand (if applicable) in the exact phrasing as you would have written it in an essay. 
3) At least 3 points (not inclusive of the balance point) in the exact phrasing as you would have written it in an essay.
4) Examples you plan to use in point form.

Your plan should look like a much reduced version of the sample plans I made reference to for your holiday homework found here

You will be graded for this test using the essay grade descriptors found here. I will make an estimate of the Band you are likely to be getting given your plan, assuming you would translate it accordingly into writing. 

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