Monday, 17 February 2014

Follow-up for Feedback Lesson on Proposal Writing

Please post your responses to the questions I put up on the board during lesson today as comments to this post.


  1. Dear Mr (Who you're writing to),

    State what is in qn.( e.g. I have been assigned the duty to plan some class bonding activities to strengthen our class bond such that we will learn to cherish time with one another more. ) Purpose of proposal. (Thus, I have come up with some suggestions to get our class more involved with each other. I will develop more on these points later on.)

    I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. I look forward to your favorable reply.
    Thank you
    Yours faithfully, ______ (if you do not know the recipients name)/
    Yours sincerely, ______ (if you know the recipients name)

    Body Paragraph:
    Point, Explain, Evidence, Explain
    (Remember to include description and example of activity, and other task required to be fulfilled.)

  2. Introduction paragraph
    - Introduce who you are
    - Purpose of writing letter
    - State that you are going to propose solutions

    This is meant to give the recipient a general summary of your points.
    It has to include persuasive words (don't go overboard) in order to leave a good impression.
    It also has to include expression of gratitude towards the recipient and how you look forward to their reply.

    Yours faithfully (if you don't know the recipients name)
    *Your name*
    Yours sincerely (if you know the recipients name)
    *Your name*

    - Varies with task requirement
    eg. Reasons, Effects, Solution
    eg. Description of issue, give solutions or suggestions to issues
    eg. Pro vs Con

    1.Social : Social Cohesiveness - Great sense of togetherness , Singapore for Singaporeans
    2.Political : Well informed , good leaders - Mutual respect , sincerity , empathy , accountable
    3.Economy and Education : Impt as future generations have to be knowledgeable - Vibrant economy , affordable
    4.Culture : Build a more kind hearted , caring community - Space to pursue other goals , great values , age with dignity
    5.Technology : nil
    6.Religion and Race : Transcend race and religion barriers -
    7.Arts and Aesthetics - nil
    8.Medical and Morality - Take care of disadvantaged

    Public perspective : Improve interaction between fellow countrymen
    Student perspective - Activity has to be engaging , fun and meaningful. Has to generate discussion among students.

    Generate further conversations - About what , why ?
    > Collaboration between govt . and people

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  5. The structure of the body of the proposal:

    Point, Explain, Example, Elaborate, Link
    (Remember to include description and example of activity, and other task required to be fulfilled.)