Thursday, 6 February 2014

Homework on Signposting

Please post what you group has been assigned to do as comments to this thread.


  1. Words assigned: although, nevertheless, in spite of

    ‘Although’ and ‘In Spite of’ is used at the front, whereas ‘Nevertheless’ is used after the first contrasting statement. After ‘although’ you can directly include the subject and verb, whereas after ‘in spite of’ you have to include ‘the fact that’ then you can include subject and verb.

    - Although many teenagers are desensitised to profanities nowadays, it still doesn't give them a reason to use such words.
    - In spite of the fact that technology improves our access to information, many people of the older generation still refuse to embrace it.
    - Studies have shown that gaming is bad for health, nevertheless it is still encouraged in America.

    By Shaun, Carissa and Jia Qi

  2. Words assigned: In comparison, in contrast, on the contrary, conversely.


    In Comparison - To compare similarities or differences of 2 things.

    In Contrast - To showcase only the differences between 2 things.

    On the Contrary - To oppose a commonly known fact or opinion.

    Conversely - To introduce an opposing point to the point previously stated.


    1) In comparison to highly sophisticated Changi Airport, the Los Angeles International Airport does not have many recreational facilities but they both cater to millions of passengers every year.

    2) In contrast to singapore high standards of living today, Singaporeans in the past poverty stricken as the nation was still developing.

    3) Many people regard dreams to be useless and a waste of precious time, on the contrary, dreams are purposeful as they give us an end goal to work towards which will add meaning to our lives,

    4) Bob would have preferred his son get 10 A1s, although conversely he was also proud of what grades he is achieving now.

    By Denzel, Isaac and Jemima

  3. Words : Therefore, Thereafter, Thereby

    Therefore - Consequently.... / As a result... / For that reason....
    Thereafter - Subsequently... / After that time / Following that....
    Thereby - As a result of that / By that means

    Therefore - Bob seems to find some words difficult to understand therefore I referred him to the dictionary.
    Thereafter - Ultimately, the three boys did not survive and died shortly thereafter.
    Thereby - Clean water and sanitation could raise the quality of human capital, thereby lifting labour productivity.

    By Group 3 (Wai Kit, Howe Wee, Kai En)

  4. Words: Whereas, In Particular, Similarly

    Meaning: On the contrary. Used to compare one thing with another.

    Example: Food products containing preservatives are very unhealthy, whereas fresh food products are more healthy

    Meaning of “In Particular”:
    Used to show that a statement applies to one person or thing more than any other

    People have long been used to buying food products, instant noodles in particular, in their preserved form.

    Meaning of Similairly:
    in a similar way,
    used to indicate a similarity between two facts or events : The diaries of politicians tend to be self-justifying.

    The political uproar in Iran was caused by the government's negligence for the people. Similarly, the riots in Thailand are a product of the government body's failure to address the needs of the citizens.

    Done By Group 6 (Farrell, Justin, Ryan)