Friday, 7 February 2014

Homework and Preparation for Term 1 Week 6

Make up lesson on 14 Feb Friday
I am not going to be in school on 17 Feb (Mon). As such, a make-up lesson has been planned on 14 Feb (Fri) from 1245h to 1345h. The venue will be your regular classroom. Attendance is compulsory. Plans for your regular EL lesson on 17 Feb (Mon) will be confirmed in due course as I am asking if any of your teachers would like to take over that slot.

Reading Programme
Deadline: 10 Feb (Mon)
The files you have submitted this week will be returned on 10 Feb (Mon) during assembly. Please take 5 min during your recess to get ready this week’s reading tasks for submission by the end of the day.  You are to read the following two articles given out in class today and do the tasks found at the end of the articles for this week's reading task:
(a) How important are dreams
(b) The busy trap

Preparation for lesson
Ready for lesson on 10 Feb (Mon)
Read the handout on Paragraph Development found here
(a) Make a copy of the document on your own google drive. 
(b) On your own copy, analyse the sample paragraphs based on the given instructions.
(c) Use the comment and highlighting functions to do your analysis

You are required to bring your LDs to class and load your analysis before lesson for checking. Please arrange your tables in the required seating arrangement for English.

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